My Future York collaborates with Vespertine and York St John to link our Hungate research with Utopian visions for the future.
In 2016 My Future York collaborated with Vespertine and York St John to link our Hungate research with Utopian visions for the future.

Forthcoming events:

The Future of Bootham Park: Building an open community brief
27th October 2018, join us for walks at 10am [book your place], 12noon [book your place], 2pm (accessible walk, flat access only and slower pace) [book your place], 2.30pm [book your place] and 4pm [book your place]

What matters to you about Bootham Park? What would you like to use Bootham Park for? Join us to explore what makes Bootham Park significant and how the site can play a role in York’s future.

Bootham Park
The Bootham Park is extremely important to the city. When the hospital opened its doors in 1777, it was one of the first purpose-built mental health ‘asylums’ in England. During the long history of mental health services on the site there have been many changes in the way care has been provided and just as many changes and additions to the buildings themselves.

The hospital has now closed after proving unsuitable to provide a viable and appropriate environment for modern mental health services. Following public engagement and planning approval in 2017, a new 60-bed hospital which will meet current high standards of care will open on Haxby Road in 2020.

What is happening now?

The council is working with local and national health partners to guide redevelopment of the publically-owned assets on the Bootham site and adjacent land. We are exploring the use of a site featuring three pieces of land including the old hospital, the empty site of the former nurses accommodation, and the coach/car park. Bringing these together allows a more comprehensive approach to redevelopment, with a potentially larger benefit to the city.

We want to make sure that future developments continue to protect the significant heritage assets on the site. We are also exploring how these sites interact with the wider area at the heart of York.

The partnership need your views to help us shape Bootham Park, protect its heritage and consider what potential uses you believe may be appropriate. The council and national health partners have are developing some ideas for how the site could be used and there are constraints that need to be considered when thinking about the future of Bootham Park – but they recognise that this is a much loved part of York and want to involve all that have a stake in what happens next.

Building an open community brief

As part of this, My Future York are running a series of walks to explore Bootham Park and to work with local people to identify what matters about the site in terms of its heritage and current uses and what people want to use the site for in the future.

The walks will last one hour and each walk will be the same. Sign up above.