Visions for the future of York gathered at a public stall on Good Friday, 2016
Visions for the future of York gathered at a public stall on Good Friday, 2016

The past was different to today, the future will be too – what future do we want for York?

My Future York is an open and collaborative inquiry. We are working anyone who wants to get involved to develop richer understandings of the city’s pasts and to inspire new alternative visions for York’s future.

We will do this through:
Open exploration of visions for York’s future – starting with what individual people, families and communities want to do in their lives now and in the next 10, 20 and 30 years. We will do this through stalls, workshops and through online engagement.

Active engagement with York’s pasts to open up new perspectives on issues facing the city such as housing, drinking and flooding. We will do this through workshops at York Explore Libraries and Archives and walks through the city’s historic and green environments.

• Deepening and extending understanding of the crucial issues that determine the city’s future and seeking alternative ways forward. We will do this through public talks and workshops, from green belt legislation to approaches to transport and engaging with new ideas and inspiring ways forward from elsewhere.

Combining different ways of knowing in order to developing resonant stories about the city and what the city might become. We will do this through exploring new ways of working with lots of different types of contributions people might make, from oral histories, memories and archive photos to workshop flip charts and post it notes and social media discussion and by creating a dynamic feedback loops to iteratively inform York’s public debate.

Feeding into policy making and decision making. We will do this by being proactive in involving York’s policy makers and decision makers as we go along, feeding into formal consultations (e.g. Local Plan and York Central) and opening up new ways for the city to approach ‘consultation’ in the future.

The My Future York project has been developed through a partnership between York Environment Forum, York Past and Present, York Explore Libraries and Archives and Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage at the University of Leeds. It is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme as part of the Connected Communities Festival 2016 – Community Futures and Utopias. To find out more about the Festival, visit the Futures-Utopias section of the website.