My Future York goes beyond conventional community consultation by enabling all those interested to become part of a sustained long-term conversation where influence comes through sharing responsibility for an area or issue and its future. Throughout we want to make getting involved active, challenging and fun.

We have developed our approaches from some early experiments in creatively imgaining York’s future and then through two large public engaegment projects: My Castle Gateway and My York Central.

Our approach includes:

Build a brief: Start with the personal… and make different people’s needs and ideas visible (and our thoughts on the value of a good brief can be read here)

Explore Challenges: Cultivate a grown up and sophisticated public debate about complex issues (an example from My Castle Gateway here and one from My York Central ‘How viability will shape York Central’ here)

Make change together: Facilitate community networks and local action as well as long term community influence in decision-making, design and delivery (for example the community-led economiic development and community-led housing discussions airisng from My York Central).

The My Future York approach in more detail.