A Blog From member Sue Hogarth

I have always wished to go back in time and see how York was in the 1930s and often said ” would love to have lived in York then” ,however after working in the archives and actually reading letters from people who did live in that era I’m so glad that I didn’t live in the 1930s.the letter that really touched my heart was one to the council begging them to ┬áput his mum in the “York city infirmary” the first letter was wrote in 1936 saying that his mum was desperately needed relocating, we do know that this area had a compulsory purchase order on it, so did the son not have room where he lived for his mum or was it because he couldn’t cope with her illness, his mum however was adamant that she didn’t want to leave her house and go into the “institution” ,the son continued to write letters to the council for a whole year, eventually the council officer visited the lady with the intent of persuading her to leave the house, they visited her regularly pestering her to leave, eventually she gave in and was signed permanently into the “institution” ,her pension book was taken off her as she would no longer need it, on inspection of the house it was filthy and overrun with vermin, it wasn’t fit for human habitation, but she spent many happy years there , her furniture was deemed unfit to be sold at public auction and was sent to the “Destructor” to be burnt along with her clothes, bedding etc. This true story made me feel so grateful for what we have today, the poor lady fought so hard to stay in her home and when she eventually did leave all her earthly belongings were burnt.

I enjoyed looking through the archives because it gave me a glimpse into the past, without the archives this wouldn’t be possible, I have always enjoyed history, so Thankyou to the people who made this possible.

Sue Hogarth

Two Days in the life of me

Sunday 8th of may 2016

Wake up around half 7 am with the sun shining and the birds are tweeting and it’s quiet oh so quiet. As i lay thinking what the day brings My dog decides that I must need a good wash as he is desperate to get my attention and wanting to go for his morning walk. I get up go and quickly do my bathroom Antics before the dog starts to howl and wake up the rest of the house, No time for morning coffee first its out of the door and onto the backies. Clifton backies seems so much nicer first thing on a morning as we pass very few people who also appreciate the open space so early and Sam Is able to meet and greet his friends. After walking the four mile trip ( it seems so big once i say it ) it’s time to head home and the list of things that must be done to fulfil my day. Firstly giving Sam a Drink and his breakfast is priority and getting my first cup of coffee for the day oh that tastes good. Then my music goes on the washing goes in and the floors get swept and moped. Its quickly on to the computer to post on facebook events meetings and projects we have coming up. Then have lunch in the Garden (it is such a nice space now it has been done) that nice i decided that i can do what i need to do online outside and better than sat in a stuffy house when the weather is so lovely. Well that would have been the idea but then i get that look from Sam and he wants to go out again so as i don my walking shoes and off we go again to the backies it’s a little busier at this time of day but Sam doesn’t mind he has more friends to play with although getting him to listen is another matter (too busy having fun). As i start to walk away from him he decides to come bounding up and knock me on my bottom (good job it was on the grass and i have plenty of padding). Hobbled home and went for a bath to soothe it’s nearly tea time before we know it and Richard is making thank goodness don’t think i could manage standing and cooking. After tea its upstairs to watch a little tv before bed time.


Sunday 10th of May 2026

Wake up around 8am and the weather is lovely not too hot but definitely not winter thank goodness the house is a little more quieter these days it’s just the two of us at home now. Although we have visitors coming for sunday lunch, Its always nice to see my boys (even though they are fully grown men now) their partners and our First grandson. it’s time to get up and strip the bed ready to go in the washing Machine. Time for some quick updates on Facebook although things are much easier now as we have become more established and wider known. As i quickly do the usual sunday chores of cleaning the house, There is a knock at the door and My Grandson shouting “Nanna” we welcome our visitors in discuss whats been happening and how things are going in general life over a nice pot of tea sit and watch our grandson play in the garden with his toys another knock at the door and its our youngest son with his girlfriend and we are ready to go out for lunch we chose our favorite restaurant its where we celebrated our wedding and many anniversaries thereafter it’s also seen us celebrate our eldest’s 18th, 21st and our youngest’s 16th,18th and 21st. The food has never faltered always delicious and good value for money. Our grandson likes the play area although so many heart in throat moments but he knows no fear just like his dad at that age. Three hours later and we are all pleasantly full time to leave Youngest son and his girlfriend are going straight home as they have many things to do before early to work. We are giving Eldest and family a lift home or so we thought as grandson decided he wants to sleep over at nana and grandads house which we don’t mind he doesn’t go to school yet. So we take dad and mum home and then back to our house for bath time then super and then reading stories before bed (phew forgot how hard little ones are) but wouldn’t change it for the world ah now my own bed beckons me but maybe a little tv time (Snore).