Life Sized York Central – a January series of screenings & conversations about building good places.

Organised by YoCo in partnership with My Future York

January 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th at 7:00-9:00pm on Zoom

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January 6th, Copenhagen –

January 13th, Milan –

January 20th, Montreal –

January 27th, lessons for York Central –

The Life Sized City was originally a documentary series made in 2017 and fronted by urban planning pioneer Mikael Colville-Andersen, very much the public face of the Copenhagenize design practice. Made in response to Colville-Andersen’s young daughter’s question “when is my city going to fit me, Daddy?” the series looked at six very different cities and found in each examples where the city did, despite challenges, fit its citizens. We showed the first series as part of The Festival of York Central in 2018, and were delighted with the way in which each example prompted questions and thoughts about our own city. When a second series was filmed in 2018 it was an obvious choice to prompt further conversation.

The first three of this four-event series will combine screening of one episode of The Life Sized City Season Two, followed by open discussion of the issues it raises and how these are reflected in the design decisions yet to be made on York Central. We’ll look at Copenhagen, Milan and Montreal – each with a distinctive character and each exploring creative responses to the need for change. Sit back and enjoy each episode (and have your tea) and then bring your thoughts to the Zoom room and help identify key issues we should be relating to York Central. (The Life Sized City is not currently available for viewing elsewhere in the UK!)

Watch the trailer here.

The fourth event will be a panel discussion, with a number of key players in the York Central development and will be your chance to hear their responses to the issues raised, and to take part in a lively discussion on how these can shape YoCo (York Central Co-Owned) and York Central as a whole. We will blog the events to ensure nothing gets lost or buried, and will ensure that our collective vision for this key development is a little richer for this experience. Please sign up via Eventbrite – we’d love your company for all the screenings and the final discussion.

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