My York Central

Like our previous work at Castle Gateway, My York Central goes beyond conventional community consultation by enabling all those interested to become part of a sustained long-term conversation where influence comes through sharing responsibility for the area and its future. Throughout we are working to make getting involved will be active, challenging and fun. In our approach to York Central we are building the approach developed for My Castle Gateway.

The way we’re approaching this for York Central is through a Festival of York Central in March and April 2018. You can see the various events here.

Our approach includes:

  • Build a brief: Start with the personal… and make different people’s needs and ideas visible (and our thoughts on the value of a good brief can be read here)
  • Explore Challenges: Cultivate a grown up and sophisticated public debate about complex issues (an example from My Castle Gateway here)
  • Make change together: Facilitate community networks and local action as well as long term community influence in decision-making, design and delivery.

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  1. Just found this interesting data from Air Quality assessment Nov 2015 comparing two southern access routes (both now dropped) into York Central. The modelling was clearly done on the basis of a point closure bus gate at Marble Arch to prevent Leeman Rd being used as a general traffic through route. Air quality modelling demonstrated that both York Central access options result in improvement of air quality along Leeman Road, due to the point closure in the vicinity of the National Railway Museum (NRM). This closure also appears to have wider positive impacts in the vicinity of George Hudson Street and Rougier Street.
    Previous studies have demonstrated that approximately 50% of the traffic is using
    Leeman Road as a through route to either access the City Centre or Water End.
    This traffic would be either displaced onto other routes or switch to other modes of
    transport not affected by the closure, for example, bus.

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