My Present and My Future – Only Separated by 10 Years

My Present and My Future – Only Separated by 10 Years

Sunday May 8th 2016

This morning is the same as most weekday mornings, up between 7-730, usual bathroom routine and then downstairs for a cup of Tea (no better way to start the day in my opinion).

Sat with Drink the computer goes on and I start posting all the information and images I need to upload to Facebook, then it’s logging onto the York Past and Present website for some fine tuning and some editing.

Finally, it’s about 11am and all is finished, for a quiet Sunday it’s not so quiet when you have your youngest son running around the house and your eldest son visiting you and talking about all that’s going on.

Most of my afternoon is filled with sitting in the garden talking to my son and learning about what he has been doing as we exchange what’s been happening in our lives and how things are in general.

4pm comes around and my eldest bids us farewell and heads home to his house and his girlfriend, leaving the 3 of us sitting quietly and enjoying the sunshine for an hour or so, before I turn my computer back on and start to organise some of the things that we have coming up (meetings, Events, gatherings, that sort of thing).

I finish around about 5 and judging by the rumblings in my stomach, I ask the family what they fancy and catch a late dinner.

After washing pots my youngest son goes into his room to play on his Xbox and me? Well I retire into the bedroom to relax on the bed and watch a bit of TV for a few hours before bed and the start of another busy day.


Sunday May 8th 2026

My alarm goes off and I get up, it’s about 8:30, I lay in bed for a while looking at the latest news on my phone for 20 mins or so, before I do all the usual bathroom stuff, I get dressed and head downstairs.

Cup of Tea in hand, I retire to the garden to enjoy my drink and enjoy the day, no need to rush to get things done these days, Facebook is as it always has been and the York Past and Present Website is now merged with many other York History websites so there isn’t so much of a rush to get all the latest news and images on there.

After enjoying my drink and my sit down I now start looking at some of the events and meetings we have coming up. I must admit this is a lot easier now than it has been in the past because York Past and Present has grown and become part of a bigger network now we are well known to all and out mission (so to speak) is in full swing with many organisations and groups involved.

I finish just in time for my eldest son to come around with his wife and our first grandchild, it’s great to spend time catching up and watching my grandson play.

It’s now pushing 6pm and after my wife has made something to eat I slip into my slippers and retire to the bedroom to watch some television.

Around 10pm I go downstairs make myself a nice hot chocolate and retire to my bed for an early night and the start of a new day.