Get Involved

My Future York is about grassroot conversations about the future of the city, so we’d love to hear from you. If you have ideas or if what we’re doing connection with your life or with your current projects, work or activism, let us know.

One key strand of work for us at the moment is to explore alternative visions for York’s future. We’re doing this by asking people to think personally – what would you like you life to be like in 10 year’s time?

We’ve been gathering people’s ideas in various ways through events like the recent Yorktopia, stalls, history walks and other events but we’ve designed three online ways of contributing. You can contribute online in three ways.

Census 2027 (5 mins). Inspired by our work on Hungate’s 1911 Census we designed an activity for the Yorktopia event asking people to complete a future census. Now you can add yours online. This is a quick but thought-provoking exercise.

York Senses 2027 (5-10mins). Places are made not just by the way they look but how they sound, smell and feel. We have experimented with thinking in a sensory way and so far people have contributed poetic, evocative and moving responses. This could be quite quick activity to do or you might find your carried way and immersed in your imagination!

Day In My Life (10mins +). We launched a call last year for people to contribute two days in their lives one this year – today, yesterday – and one for ten year’s time. The stories contributed are rich with ideas and social textures. Taken collectively they suggest another York is possible. We’d love to hear from you.

The aim of all of these activities is so we can identify what should be taken into account in planning for York’s future. We will use the stories shared to pull out a ‘brief’ for the future of the city. We will share emerging ideas for the brief as we go along. The process will end with us sharing for further debate and discussion a working brief by Easter 2017. We hope this research process will help lead to a better city for all of us to live in.

If you’d like to read more about why we are building a brief read Phil Bixby on ‘the power of a good brief’.